Warm Land Irrigation is starting our 7th season this year!
We’re proud to say that we have over 70 happy customers now who have their own custom designed micro-irrigation system for their garden and plants. And they now save water, save time and save money… you can too! It’s not too early to start thinking about your garden and irrigation plans for 2015!
We are honoured and excited to be nominated and selected as a Finalist for the 2015 Green Business of the Year at this year’s Black Tie Awards presented by the Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce. The awards ceremony is on Saturday, April 11th at Brentwood College in Mill Bay.


Water is a limited resource! Even here where it seems to be abundant, we all need be mindful and diligent every time we turn on a tap! The average Canadian uses 329 litres/day (over 120,000 litres/year). If every person in our community reduced their water use by 60 litres/day (20%) we would leave over 1.8 billion litres of water annually in our aquifers. For a starting list of ideas for your home, please visit www.cowichanwaterchallenge.ca

MICRO-IRRIGATION…for food gardens, pots, planters, decks, flower beds, lawns and more… agricultural, residential and commercial…

>  Uses 50-80% less water
>  Reduces your water bill and water consumption
>  Saves you many hours of hand-watering daily or weekly
>  Frees up your time to enjoy and tend to your garden
>  No more hauling hoses around!
>  Reduces plant loss and protects your investment of plants
>  Reduces plant stress – your plants will be healthier and stronger overall
>  No erosion or mineral leaching – with a finer flow, water is applied at the  rate the soil can absorb it
>  Increases the value and enjoyment of your home and gardens
>  Self-sufficient system – no need to arrange for someone to water your gardens while you are away!
>  A system that is affordable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and can be easily added to and adjusted as your garden changes.


Effective water distribution

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