Benefits and Advantages

Micro-irrigation is an automated watering system designed to water only
what requires watering, using drippers, emitter/drip hoses and micro-sprinklers.
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Save Water: Micro irrigation reduces water usage and evaporation by up to 70%

Save Money: lower water bill, lower energy bill if on a pump, reduced plant lose, increase the value of your home

Save Time: No more hand watering and dragging hoses around the yard
Reduce Plant Stress: Plants will be healthier and stronger overall
No erosion or mineral leaching: With a finer flow water is applied at the rate the soil can accept it – a long slow drink if you will

Durable & Versatile: Above ground system is long lasting, easy to maintain and can be easily added to or altered as your landscape changes

Self sufficient:  No need to arrange for someone to care take and water your garden whether you are away for a long weekend or off on an extended vacation.

The affordable GREEN answer to water restrictions and conservation!




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